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sewing , knitting , embroidery , decoration

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The Company

Founded at 1934 in city of Pereaus.As main aim it had the import and sale textile manufacturing products , 
with speciality in sewing and embroidery yarns.
Since the year of 1951 Mr.Hlias Kounias begin to work in this company and he specialized in the sector of
retail sales. From this period of time and later the company begin to growth year by the year and for the next 35 years.
 At the end of '80s his sun George Kounias take place in the company and he starts to make some changes , 
because it was a new time for the world market .  
 From 1994 the company removed to new adress 1,K.Ekllisias and from July of 2012 at 15,Karaoli & Dimitriou St. this time 
the company look for retail customers.We have about 200.000 retail customers around Greece.
Mr.G.Kounias traveliing throw around the word all time of year just to know and bring to his 
customers the latest fashion goods at the best possible prices.
  From 2006 he start running a Loyalty program for the customers with the @PEREAUS 
smart card.Its a program which gave economy benefits at the customers-friends.
  From 2004 the web site of the company is on air , but from 2007 the site was upgrate and 
works like on-line shop.Its the first on line shop for sewing and notions items who 
send products at the minimum quantity of 1 piece .

In the year of 2012 a facebook fun page is avaliable to the costumers.

July 2013.Our blog is online for more free informations .
From January 2015 our sales are only online throw our e shop
A FEW WORDS FOR Mr.George Kounias.
I was born at Pereaus in 1964 September 20th.I live and work at this time in this town.
After i was finished my school time at the age of 18 i start work to this
business with my father.
Out of work i spend my free time for social benefit or myself.
Since 1996 Member of the board ( elected ) for Comercial Organization Pereaus
Member of the counsil for Greek Comercial Organization
Member of the non paper counsil for Pereaus town
Ex Precident of Amfiali Football Club ( Vice Precident now )
Member of Olympiakos Football Club (AM 12205).

Member of the counsil for Pereaus Football Assosiation.
Shareholder of Olympiakos Profesional  Football Club
Member of R.C.I. Holidays Club in Greece
I work as a volunteer member at Athens 2004 Olympic Games.

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